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Welcome to sethmurphy.com. My name is Seth Murphy and I am a Brooklyn developer that has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit spaces. While familiar with many programming languages and frameworks, my current passions are with Android development,  the Brubeck Python framework, writing good JavaScript and discovering good code to learn from. If you are interested in hiring me as a web developer go to BrooklynCode.com and contact me there!

Seth Murphy
Some technologies include: Python, Ruby on Rails, Brubeck, Javascript, Android, Java, GWT, AppEngime, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML, CSS, and SQL


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Watch Me Not

This post on my view of privacy vs. freedom is from a now defunct website and written in 2002. Instead of reviving the site I have copied the text, unedited minus some typo fixes. It reads as well today as it did over 10 years ago.